The Gentle Author

I recently attended an excellent course with The Gentle Author. Exactly as his name implies he was a person who enabled a group of us to come to some understandings about the new opportunities to tell stories through blogging. This new medium offers a platform to everyone and indeed it seems everyone is blogging! In […]

Student work featured in Kino festival Manchester

Two student films have been selected to be part of the Kino exposed section of the Manchester International Short Film Festival.  They are shortlisted for awards and will be screened at the event on 12th June. The films are ‘St Luke’s Church’ made by Sam Jones, Laura Brudennel, Joe Bedford, Rosin Heagney and Beth Robinson as […]

Local TV Event at the Screen School

Delegates from across the UK came together at the Liverpool Screen School recently to discuss and debate the opportunities and the impact that the newly-formed UK local TV network offers. ‘Getting the Picture: opportunities in local TV’ was the third event that the Screen School has hosted on this subject, since Jeremy Hunt (then Culture […]