BA Media Production Programme Threads

The programme can be seen as a series of threads that build your skills, understanding and personal development over the three years. The Programme threads are creativity, narrative, moving image production (factual and fiction), new media production, media industry and new media theory.  It is important to also be aware that these bodies of knowledge cut across too, so theory informs practice, video production skills are utilised in multimedia and digital media tools develop important techniques and underpinning concepts for post-production. At level 5 (second year) you have the opportunity to take a module in TV Studio or Interactive Multimedia depending on your area of interest and at level 6 through the modules Dissertation and Production Project you can tailor your project work to suit your interests, skills and career ambitions. By studying an area that interests you and producing a media product that showcases your skills, this might be a documentary, a drama, a website, a multi platform drama or campaign or an interactive documentary, you will develop a portfolio and dissertation that reflects you.

BA (Hons) Media Production Semester 1 Semester 2
Level 4 Understanding Narrative 

Essay (Individual)

Presentation (Individual)

Digital Production Practice

Motion Graphics / post production craft skills production (Individual)

Factual short (Team)

Production Practice

2 short films (Team)

Introduction to the Media Industry

Industry case study (Team)

Business plan (Team)

World of Work Statement (Individual)

Digital Media Tools

Practical digital media / web based assignments (Individual)

Themes of Contemporary Media

2 Essays (Individual)

  Semester 1 Semester 2
Level 5 Compositing and Post Production

1 short film that composites graphics and live action (Individual)

Reflection (Individual)


Options (1 of 2)

1. TV Studio

TV Studio magazine show (Team)

Reflection (Individual)


2. Interactive Multimedia

An interactive documentary (Individual)

Reflection (Individual)


1 short Drama film (Team)

Reflection (Individual)



A multiplatform project (Team)

Reflection (Individual)


  Applying for Jobs and Placements

CV and letter of application (Individual)

World of Work Statement (Individual)

Digital Media Cultures

2 Essays (Individual)

  Digital Media Ethics, Compliance and Copyright

1 Essay (Individual)

  Semester 1 Semester 2
Level 6 Production Project

A proposal for a media Product (Individual)

A media Product (Individual or team – brief via negotiation)

Research Methods

10 credit – 30 hours (over 10 weeks)

A proposal for a Dissertation (Individual)



30 credit – 18 hours

8,000 word Dissertation


Creative Media Practice

A media Product (Individual)

Reflection (Individual)

Options (1 of 2)

1. Work Based Learning

Report about a placement (Individual)

World of Work Statement (Individual)


2. Media Business Report

Report about a company (Individual)

World of Work Statement (Individual)

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