Pre-Production Resources

Celtx (Industry standard screenwriting software – Free Download!)

Film Riot (Extensive list of pre-production and general film guides.)

Go Into The Story (Highly acclaimed screenwriting blog.)

Making Movies is Hard Podcast (Weekly interviews with industry professionals.)

Mandy (Actors network, ideal for finding local talent.)

Studio Binder (Pre-production check list and guides.)

Videomaker (Pre-production guides and advice.)


Film Making & Cinematography Resources

Action Cut Print (Advice and guidance from TV/film veteran Peter Marshal.)

Camera Decision (A great platform to learn the differences between cameras.)

D4Darious (YouTube channel dedicated to low budget film making for beginners.)

DSLR Guide (A great YouTube channel to learn the basics of videography and lighting.)

Film School Online (Masterclasses focused on the roles involved in filmmaking.) *£££

Filmmaker IQ (Guides, tutorials and film news.)

Filmmakers Subreddit (A great platform to ask questions to people in the industry.)

Indie Film Hustle (A huge collection of guides related to all things film.)

No Film School (Guides, news, tutorials, advice and discussion threads.)

The Black and Blue (A site dedicated to the role of the camera assistant.)

Vimeo Film School Channel (Guides, tutorials and all things film.)


Post Production Resources

Adobe Colour (Colour experimentation tool)

Anatomy of a Scene (Scene deconstructions, tutorials and crew interviews.)

BBC Academy Post Production (A wide range of guides and tutorials about compositing.)

Every Frame a Painting (The greatest film analysis channel on YouTube.)

Filmlooks  (Professional editing LUTS and effects.) *£££ (Editing collaboration platorm.)

Incompetech (Extensive library of royalty free music for projects.)


Book Recommendations 

Check the library catalogue through Discover!


Essential Screenwriting Books:

On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft (Stephen King)

Save the Cat! (Blake Snyder)

Your Screenplay Sucks!: 100 Ways to Make It Great (William M. Akers)

Writing Screenplays That Sell (Michael Hauge)


Essential Film-Making Books:

Directing (Michael Rabiger)

Film Directing – Shot by Shot (Steve Katz)

In the Blink of an Eye (Walter Murch)

Rebel Without a Crew (Robert Rodriguez)

Cinematography – Theory and Practise (Blain Brown)


Essential Film Lighting Books:

Film Lighting (Chris Malkiewicz)

Set Lighting: Technicians Handbook (Harry Box)

Lighting for Cinematography (David Landau)

Motion Picture and Video Lighting (Blain Brown)


Essential Motion Graphic Books:

Animated Storytelling (Liz Blazer)

Creating Motion Graphics (Chris Meyer)

Motion Graphic Design (Jon Krasner)


Essential Colour Theory Books: 

Interaction of Colour (Josef Albers)

The Elements of Colour (Johannes Itten)

Theory of Colours (Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe)


The resources listed on this page are some of the most popular around the world – they can be extremely valuable assets! But don’t forget: nothing is as valuable as practise!!