Storytelling workshop exploring augmented and virtual reality

LJMU Screen School recently ran a 4 day workshop called Storyhack Liverpool looking at the future of Immersive Storytelling and Immersive Experiences as part of the development of the new MA Immersive Arts covering augmented and virtual reality.

This intensive workshop was led by immersive artists Simon Wilkinson [] and Myra Appannah []. It aimed to help artists and storytellers move beyond disciplines, adopt new creative and design approaches and to capture new audiences and expectations.

The week involved thinking, making and creating ideas and prototypes for projects in Immersive Storytelling. Content included experience design, transmedia, games design, immersive performance, speculative design, interactive story dynamics and augmented reality and virtual reality. With lots of debate around the deeper thinking about the politics of empowering audiences through co-creation.

Participants included a great mix of artists, theatremakers, writers, designers, filmmakers and technologists who were looking to develop immersive ways of engaging audiences. The work they created over the week included augmented reality apps, virtual reality and concepts for projects to engage audiences in narratives in public space. It took place in the brand new X-Gallery at LJMU, which will be the studio space where we are running the new MA Immersive Arts launching soon.

In May, Simon and Myra are coming back to LJMU to showcase their latest work, A Unique and Spectacular Moment, to find out more please visit Lightnight 2019