StoryhackXR – Immersive Storytelling Workshop

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As part of the development of our new MA in Immersive Arts, we are supporting an educational residency for artists, designers, filmmakers and performing arts practitioners interested in immersive tech……
STORYHACK is a 4 day educational residency designed to give creatives the knowledge, skills and tools to begin to use new technologies and interactivity in their work in a fundamental and transformative way.
This intensive course is led by immersive artists Simon Wilkinson [] and Myra Appannah [] and aims to help artists move beyond disciplines, adopt new creative and design approaches and to capture new audiences and expectations.
It is designed as a reboot for those currently working in non-interactive mediums, who want to reboot their practice, to work across a combination of platforms and create culture which gives audiences a meaningful role in adaptive works.
The course will cover approaches to design, collaboration, production and immersive technologies including; Unity Games Engine, virtual reality, augmented reality, games system design, speculative design, interaction design, 3D modelling, visual scripting tools, dealing with complexity in interactive narratives, transmedia storytelling, photogrammetry and liquid studio approaches to collaboration.
It is hosted by the new X-Gallery at Liverpool School of Art and Design and Liverpool Screen School, and with support from the Arts Council.
Places are very limited (20 in total) so sign up here….StoryhackXR Immersive Arts and Storytelling Educational Residency
You can also find the PDF with more details about the course here.