Immersive Storytelling Experiences Research Symposium

In December 2018, the Media Production team at Liverpool Screen School will be running an industry event exploring storytelling with immersive technologies.

This research symposium will explore how practice-based researchers, companies and creatives are approaching the emerging mediums of virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality for storytelling. Looking at R&D into languages of production, narrative mechanisms and approaches to engaging audiences in experiential media across the spectrum of immersive technology.

Speakers include future thinkers and creative talent from BBC R&D, Digital Catapult’s Creative XR Programme, Bristol VR Lab, York Creativity Labs, Institute of Creative Technologies, Liverpool Screen School and and practice-based academics from a number of Universities from across the UK. Companies include Marshmallow Laser Feast, Draw and Code, Limbik Theatre, Pilot Theatre, Boom Clap Play, Kinicho and We’ll also have some demos from Igloo Vision and a chance to have a go with some emerging storytelling demos.

It will be of interest to people developing work across a number of areas: from film and documentary, to performing arts and theatre, to arts, culture and heritage organisations experimenting with immersive technologies.

Research presentations, case studies and work-in-progress talks will address the following areas:

  • Approaches to Narrative, Storytelling & ‘Storydoing’ in VR, AR, MR & 360 media
  • Methods of Practice-based Research in Immersive Storytelling
  • Methods of Practice across Theatre, Immersive Cultural Heritage, Visitor Experiences and Digital Placemaking
  • Approaches to Exhibition and Audience engagement
  • Immersive Storytelling in Science, Health and Environment
  • Working with Emerging Processes in Immersive Practice

Here’s a PDF of the Current Line Up for the event (subject to changes) . This is a free event and places are limited, please sign up here

Please contact Peter Woodbridge, Senior Lecturer in Digital Media, Liverpool Screen School ( for further details.

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