Chris in China

Second year Media Production student Chris Wyatt has just returned from a trip to China to study alongside students at Zhejiang University of Media and Communications (ZUMC), Hangzhou, China. This is the third year running that this exchange has taken place and once again it proved to be a fantastic experience for the students involved.

Chris emailed me to say, “China was an amazing experience, one I definitely won’t forget. One aspect that instantly stands out to me now I reflect was the differences in our cultures, meaning how we all live in the same world but live our daily lives so differently. As I expected the Great Wall was such a good experience, as so was all of Beijing. To be there at the Great Wall at the time was all so surreal, and the view from the top was phenomenal. Hangzhou is particularly famous for its main tourist attraction ‘West Lake’ which we visited a couple of times. This was lovely, it’s just a shame about the weather at the time, can’t imagine what it would of looked like in the sun. One thing also needs reflecting on is the food, the majority of the food was delicious, but I won’t be having chicken foot again any time soon. Lastly, all the people we met both lecturers and students were lovely and all so welcoming, I definitely recommend to everyone on Media Production to apply, all so worth it. I enjoyed it so much to the extent I’m even considering going back if I can.”

end of china photoChris is fourth from the left in this picture of the students’ last meal in China together.

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