guest speakers in multiplatform production

In the last couple of weeks we’ve been fortunate enough to have two guest speakers to offer their perspectives on the world of multiplatform production. This is a L5 module that examines a range of technologies and scenarios that employ and exploit opportunities for delivery across multiple platforms, including; participatory interaction (social storytelling), transmedia storytelling and/or activism and multiplatform narratives.

The first of our guests, Jon Wetherall from Onteca, delivered a lively presentation of his observations and reflections on trends and opportunities in this multiplatform world. Jon began with a quote from our module handbook; ‘each work determines its own medium and form according to its needs’ (Dick Higgins 1965) with a retort that went something along the lines of; ‘each work gets the medium it deserves’ (sorry if I misquoted you there).


Jon went on to explore a variety of content from storytelling to games along with the new ways in which users monetise their participation on platforms from Youtube to Steam. Steam is particularly interesting, in that it offers an open platform providing a space for developers to publish their games and for the audience/fans/users to participate. Participation is not limited to the purchase and then playing of games but also to host and potentially sell their own creations.  Most of these creations take the form of bespoke 3D objects for the games that immerse them but these can and are sold within the Steam platform. In this way, the fans can monetise their obsession whilst promoting the game and the platform (Steam) that allows this. An incredibly successful, open and symbiotic loop model, that could be adopted by other media forms?

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