Second Year Media Production Student is now a Reporter at Liverpool FC

Building on her experience as the presenter of one of the second year TV Studio programmes (see earlier blog), student Amy Currie has now been employed as a reporter/presenter covering home games at Liverpool FC.

An ardent Liverpool fan, Amy says this about her new dream role:

I have always wanted to test myself as a TV presenter, and my love for sport and Liverpool Football Club have swayed me to want to have a career in the sports media world as a presenter/reporter. After finishing our TV studio module where I really enjoyed presenting on TV shows my confidence had grew massively in front of camera after I gained a lot of experience in the TV studio and surprisingly, I came across an advertisement for a part time job looking for a TV presenter and match reporter to work at Anfield. The job was for the company FTB PRO which are the largest fan generated media platform in football. It sounded like my dream job so I went for it and got it which I am really happy about! I now work for FTB PRO’s Liverpool Fan TV channel and have my own YouTube channel for the company. The first job I started off doing for Liverpool Fan TV was fan post match reaction interviews where after every home game at Anfield I will interview approximately five fans about the game. After the company had seen the footage and they were pleased with it I was offered to do other various presenting such as match previews the day before a game where I talk to camera while walking outside the stadium ahead of the game and also match reviews the day after the game. As well as this I do a weekly club top list where I talk to camera and do a top list regarding any recent topics related to the club and a weekly pub chat where myself and two other fans discuss the weekly goings on. I am really enjoying the experience of working for the company as a presenter and have been offered to do a lot more work experience with them over the summer involving more presenting leading up to the world cup which should be fun!

You can see Amy interviewing Liverpool fans here:

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