Director of Photography Masterclass

A regular guest lecturer for Media Production is Director of Photography, Paul Mortlock, who has the precious qualities of not only being talented and experienced, but also able to communicate his knowledge and enthusiasm with ease to our students. His latest masterclass session, delivered to our second years, featured an in-depth look at the contrasting lighting employed on several quality television dramas, such as ‘Breaking Bad’, ‘Blue Bloods’ and ‘Game Of Thrones’. Dop photo BDop Photo A Paul described in detail the equipment used in order to achieve certain effects and also discussed why the lighting chosen for the particular scenes/locations worked in terms of story narrative.

The class then moved to a disused basement location nearby, where he demonstrated and discussed various lighting set-ups, employing the types of lighting kit available to students on the course.

Paul’s sessions always prove inspirational on both a practical and theoretical level and the timing of this class was particularly useful, as the students present are currently producing short dramas, employing semi-professional and professional actors.

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