Graduate company – Core Productions direct MBC Awards

Recent LJMU graduate Tony Bessant, has launched his own company Core Media Productions Ltd. along with Paul Williams, also a recent graduate from Edge Hill University. Tony and Paul realised their passion for film and media production whilst studying A Level. In the last 4 years between them they have made huge steps.

Core Media Productions are video production specialists based in South Liverpool. They have worked with institutions such as Paramount Films, Hurricane Films, Inspiral Films and LFC TV. Also worked on Productions such as Hollyoaks, The Jeremy Kyle Show, Fast and Furious 6 and House of Anubis. They have produced and directed music videos for reputable band Space as well as talented musician Danny Pye plus many more. Amazingly, they racked up this work and experience whilst studying on their degree.

Whilst still at university, Tony and Paul were approached by The Nubian Times publication in Manchester, regarding being commissioned to direct the MBC Awards 2013.

Core Media Productions gave 9 current LJMU students a fantastic and rare opportunity to take part in The MBC Awards on work experience. The MBC Awards was a huge success.

The promotional video for the MBC Awards and the teaser trailer produced by Core Media Productions can be viewed below.


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