Skillset Creative Advance

As a Skillset Media Academy LJMU Media Production staff attended the Skillset Creative Advance conference at Goldsmiths University in London last week. This was an opportunity for higher education and media industry to discuss how to prepare graduates for a career in the contemporary media industry. Speakers included:

Claire Enders, Founder of Enders Analysis.
David Abraham, CEO of Channel 4
David Docherty, CEO of the Council For Industry and Higher Education, and Chairman of the Digital Television Group

Themes that dominated were:

Interdisciplinary skills – In a changing media landscape graduates need a range of skills – The only certainty about media technology is that it is constantly updating and graduates need to be flexible, adaptable and able to learn new technologies as they come on stream.

Storytelling – is at the heart of media and no matter what the platform its the story that draws in the audience.

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