“Correspondance Cinema-Phono-Telegraphique”

MA Creative Technology aims to develop inquisitive media practitioners with a sophisticated understanding of technology, tools, cultures and audience. You will become an advanced and autonomous learner, able to assess emerging tech and platforms for their potential in the development of innovative audience experiences; tell stories. In response, students produce finished artefacts, either as an individual artist/practitioner, or by assembling teams with the necessary skill-set to do so.

This Masters Programme provides opportunities for students to explore the latest developments at the forefront of ‘story’ telling, relating truths or changing minds within the creative media and digital technology sectors. Whether your career in this sphere leads you to arts, entertainment or commerce, there are a myriad of converged, interactive, social, locative, performative and immersive platforms that should be explored in the development of compelling ‘storyworlds’. It could be stated that our approach is technologically agnostic; our manifesto, ‘story, by any media necessary?’ Whether; screen, location, stage, virtual, augmented, gallery, web etc. or a transmedial convergence of all of these.

Novel media artefacts continue to emerge, driven by demands for new ways to create, share and engage in content. This affords genuine opportunities for individuals to exploit creative technologies in the pursuit of immersive narrative artefacts. Beyond the need to understand moving image, which pervades all of our devices and spaces, you will explore, understand and manipulate audience behaviours. New digital realities demand that we re-examine the visual, the locative, the social, the virtual, the immersive, the performative and the emotional.

You will study the following modules:

Critical Media Contexts – the ‘legacies’ or ‘media archaeologies’ 

Creative Technologies – playing with all the ‘toys’ (we have lots)

Collaborative Project – responding to industry brief, in teams

Interactive Story – ‘Bandersnatch’ here we come?

Research and Proposal – coming up with a world changing project idea!

Creative Technology Project – building your idea – the apogee of Masters study

Teaching and assessment

Full-time students (1year study) should be available for a full week. We offer support throughout your time with us, though teaching requiring your attendance will occupy two days per week. For part-time students (2 years study), you should allow one day per week for teaching.

Teaching includes a mixture of lectures, demonstrations, and workshops. As a postgraduate student, you will have the flexibility and freedom to develop your own projects in response to your research enquiries.

You will be offered the subject-specific tools to enable your exploration and critical appraisal of theoretical and practice-led research in Creative Technologies. The subject specific elements focus on: management, experiment, evaluation and dissemination of the research process. The programme facilitates sustained individual and independent enquiry within a clearly determined creative and intellectual area. It will lead to a developed proposal for an innovative and substantial media project.


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